Affordable packages, based on your budget

We offer 4 straightforward monthly pricing packages to fit the needs of most small businesses. Each package includes our monthly management fee and your monthly ad spend (the amount you spend on clicks). No matter which package you choose, our job is to maximize the results from your advertising budget.


$145/mo. mgt.
  • when you spend up to $499/mo. on ad clicks
  • Free setup


$245/mo. mgt.
  • when you spend $500-$1,499/mo. on ad clicks
  • Free setup


$395/mo. mgt.
  • when you spend $1,500-$3,999/mo. on ad clicks
  • Free setup


10%of ad spend
  • when you spend $4,000/mo. or more on ad clicks
  • Free setup

Customize any package

These packages are only a guide. You can set any budget you wish, and we’ll adjust our management fee accordingly. As you spend more on clicks, the rate (%) of our management fee decreases.

What’s included?

Each package includes a range of services that we perform on your account each month. A larger ad budget, for example, enables us to create more ad versions, create ad extensions, launch remarketing campaigns, customize your bid strategy and make other optimizations. Ongoing management is vital to a successful Google Ads campaign.

  • Writing & testing of numerous ad versions

  • Keyword analysis and targeting customization

  • Proper campaign structure

  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization

  • Conversion setup & tracking (when applicable)

  • Monthly reports by email or phone

  • Customized cost control strategies

Lowest management fee in the industry

Our Starter package is perfect for small businesses with limited advertising budgets. Our management fee for that package is only $145 — among the lowest in the industry.

We set our fees based on a percentage of your monthly ad spend: a higher budget allows us to spend more time on your account, taking advantage of more features within the Google Ads platform. Our job is to show you the value of Google advertising and deliver a greater return on investment as your budget grows.

How pricing works

Google will charge your credit card for the ad clicks. These charges occur periodically when you hit certain thresholds, calculated based on your ad spend budget.

We charge a small management fee to build and manage your account. This is a flat monthly fee, separate from Google’s ad click costs.

How our service can pay for itself

This example illustrates how our optimizations can produce far greater results, even when the total spending is the same. (Performance will vary.)


$450 in ad clicks
$2.53 per click (DIY – unoptimized)
177 clicks
7 conversions
Total cost: $450


$355 in ad clicks + $95 mgt fee
$0.89 per click (optimized)
398 clicks
14 conversions
Total cost: $450

How much do clicks cost?

Google determines your “cost per click” (CPC) based on a number of factors. Google Ads is an auction-based advertising platform. The highest bidder for a keyword phrase wins the top spot. But the cost of each click is also determined by the quality of your ads and your account settings. This is why it’s vital to use experienced Google advertising professionals who can generate the best results for the lowest possible cost.